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For this week, we’ll be on hiatus because of important tests we’re going to have. Maybe, we could post 1 or 2 icons photosets. Besides, ask box will be open for all your doubts :).

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  • There are some layers that can be adjust.

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PSD Pack #4 // Christmas Edition #2

↳ Pack of 10 PSDs for various animes.

This is really, really late since I’ve been rather busy, so I’m sorry for not posting this sooner. I still hope you guys like these! The other packs I’ve posted in this series are under this tag here.

zip / rar - Like or reblog if you download. Do not repost or redistribute.

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Anime PSD #30 // Requested by Anon

↳ Contains two PSDs that work well on neutral and blue-ish scenes. Doesn’t like darker ones and you may need to play around with the levels or brightness if necessary. Comes with an optional texture.

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15.psd Leroy and Stitch (original)by pixarpsYou can adjust the layers if you need. Like or reblog this post please. Here you can find more psds, and here you can request an psd. Feel free to make your request. Donwload here

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‘✖ template#004 made by hitcoloring✌; Don’t repost or claim as yours. Please, your like or reblog is very, very important, it makes us want to produce more!! Come on to our askbox and make your request, click here for more templates .: You can just save the preview or download here‘✖ 

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Hey guys! This action sharpness is a bit strong, and highlights all traces of the photo. Use in HQ images! I hope you like it, and enjoy! Take here. And please, if you take, like or reblog this post. Another example [x] ♥

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This psd (159) [ R E Q U E S T E D ] was made by me from creatingpsds.First, i would like to ask you to give LIKE OR REBLOG in this post if you download my resource,and please,never repost my resources,this is plagiarism! I hope you like it and use a lot, thanks for read!

download // [ cloudapp ]

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